Tell us about yourself and who you are

My name is Sven van der Zee and I am an 18-year-old developer from the Netherlands. I run numerous side-projects including Sticker Studio an app to make personal stickers for WhatsApp and a cryptocurrency payment gateway.  

Wow! Awesome tell us about your side projects and how much in recurring revenue are you generating right now

Thank you, with Sticker Studio:- my latest project I earn about 300 Euros per day mostly by ads. My plan with Sticker Studio is to also bring it to iOS and to drive up the app usage per user. I  launched it the start of the month and it has right now grossed over 500K downloads with 9000 5 star reviews in the Android store

Genius! what are some of the challenges that you have experienced along the way

The biggest challenge I faced was that there are so many different phones with different specs running Android that sometimes the app just doesn't work, so that's a really big challenge.  

What are some of your competitors? What makes you unique

There are some competitors, but I mostly stay focused on my users and what their needs are. My advice to aspiring makers is to stay informed about the latest trends also among non-tech savvy people and if you're developing an app or a website to localize the content because not everyone understands English.  

The best way to reach me is via Twitter @svenvd_zee

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