Tell us about yourself and who you are

My name is Davis Baer, and I am the co-founder of OneUp, a tool for scheduling and automatically repeating your social media posts.

Tell us about your side projects 

OneUp is my main focus, but I have built a few side projects here and there, mostly just for fun. One example would be the Pokemon or Cryptocurrency quiz.

Tell us how much in recurring revenue are you generating right now and the revenue model

OneUp is generating about $1,000 in MRR. We have a few different tiers based on usage such as how many posts you are scheduling, and how many different social media accounts you connect to OneUp.

Share with us your plan for the next 6 months and where you see yourself in the new year

The plan is to continue to grow OneUp and build out new features that paying users would like to see.

What are some of your competitors? What makes you unique

Buffer would be one of our closest competitors. However, they do not allow users to set their posts to automatically repeat, which makes OneUp unique.

What advise can you give to aspiring makers to be able to make over $1k MRR like yourself and what keeps you going!

You don't need to come up with some crazy new idea. If there is a lot of competition in a certain industry, that probably means that there is an opportunity there to gain a share of the market. If there are absolutely no competitors, there is probably a good reason for that.

Where can other makers connect with you? Share any other stuff that you will be interested to get out to your audience

You can find me on Twitter here:

Check out OneUp at

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