Tell us about yourself and who you are

Hello Oki and thanks for featuring me on SuccessfulMakers. I'm Alexander Isora, the founder of Unicorn Platform - the modern landing page generator for startups. Currently, I'm alone in the team, so my competences are code, design, and marketing. But I'm constantly looking for talents who will join the project 😌

I also run a cozy SoloFounders Telegram Community. It is a good feeling to witness smart and active guys connecting and helping each other. It's better than chocolate ha-ha πŸ˜‚

Tell us about your side projects

In the past, I used to be a very productive maker. I wanted to try this and that and made numerous projects. It gave me priceless various experience and awesome connections. Serial making also gave an understanding of a very important thing.

I believe that at the end of the day a maker should focus on one-two main projects. Chaotic movement is fun and valuable, but it's inefficient.

If you don't know which project it should be - set yourself a goal: find your truly loved industry. Yes, but how to?

Make new connections, read good books, participate in hackathons, watch movies, eat some mushrooms, have a hobby, meditate, have a trip to India - broaden your mind. You will find your passion sooner or later πŸ˜‰

Tell us how much in recurring revenue are you generating right now and the revenue model

Well, yet Unicorn Platform is operating and generating a revenue of ±$2k per month, the product is in its very initial phase. I created the very first version of the builder by myself. Now, Unicorn Platform produces static HTML templates. I offer yearly subscriptions and a Lifetime Deal offer (closed).

I want to create a complete landing page builder - with an online content editor and hosting and charge users on a monthly basis.

Now I'm focused on product delivery. First, I need to finish the feature map and the design of the second version of Unicorn Platform. Next, I need to hire 2 developers and someone who will create a reliable app architecture. Fortunately, my friend Kostya agreed to help me with the architecture.

Share with us your plan for the next 6 months and where you see yourself in the new year

My plan for the next 6 months is to create a profitable SaaS startup. That is going to be so fun!

Share the challenges that you have experienced along the way

The landing page builders niche is competitive as hell. I will need to boil an ocean to become a notable player. Luckily, I know what the market needs and how to sell it. I believe that website builders should be niched. E.g., there must be a site builder which focuses on startup landing pages only, a site builder which focuses on events pages etc.

This approach will allow a site builder to keep simple to use and evolve in depth providing a better service for customers.

What are some of your competitors? What makes you unique

One of my favorites is Launchaco. I'm very inspired by the project, it's simplicity and elegance. Launchaco has been recently acquired by Namecheap - congratulations to the team!

Another outstanding product is Tilda. Tilda is a Russian landing page generator founded by Nikita Obukhov. Tilda has conquered the whole Russian market in just 4 years. Now they plan to expand their project globally.

What makes Unicorn Platform unique is the approach. I focus only on the needs of one small audience: startups. That means their little problems will be paid attention to. E.g., there will be a lot of different device mockups (iPhone, iMac, MacBook etc), specific components (GitHub, Product Hunt etc) and much more cool features.

What advise can you give to aspiring makers to be able to make over $1k MRR like yourself and what keeps you going!

Find what you like the most in the world. Tourism? Video games? Cats? Education? Traveling? Music?

What is the thing you can not live without? Focus on it and you will be fine

Where can other makers connect with you? Share any other stuff that you will be interested to get out to your audience

I can be instantly found on the SoloFounders Telegram Community or Twitter.

Here is also my personal blog where I write about making products


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